How Ice and Snow Affect Park City Solar Panels

Generating electricity by using the power of the sun is becoming a popular method of supplying energy for homes. However, using Park City Solar Panels in cold climates poses particular problems. The accumulation of snow and ice in winter can cover the photovoltaic cells that collect light from the sun. This cover of snow and ice can affect the performance of the panels.

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Light Dusting
When snow accumulation is less than two inches, it is not likely to have a significant effect on the ability of the photovoltaic cells to collect sunlight. This small amount of snow generally melts as soon as the sun returns, and no action is necessary. However, large amounts of snow may require removal in order for the panels to function properly.

Significant Accumulations
Heavy snowfall can affect Park City Solar Panels performance significantly, and homeowners will have to determine the best way to remove the accumulation to some extent in order to start the melting process. The simplest method involves purchasing a specially designed snow rake that can be used to pull off some of the snow so that the cells can function as designed.

Reflective Power
Another effect must be taken into account regarding snowfall and Park City Solar Panels, is reflection. A St. Lawrence College and Queen’s University study reports that snowfall around the Park City Solar Panels increased the albedo effect. Albedo is the reflective power of a surface. The snow on the ground and surrounding the panels reflects more light and increases the ability of the panels to collect light for power.

Angle of Installation
Park City Solar Panels that are installed at an angle will aid in melting the snow. The accumulation of snow will slide off the panel more easily, reducing blockage to the cells.

Solar Angle
The angle of the Park City Solar Panels can also have a bearing on the problem of snowfall and panel function. Panels can adjust to the angle of the sun can help to melt snow accumulation and also increase the ability of the panels to collect light.

Type of Panels
The type of solar panel will also have a bearing on how much snow and ice accumulation affects function. For example, thin-film panels can produce electricity from diffuse light and can benefit more from the albedo effect reflected off snow on the ground. Crystalline panels require direct light, so snow removal can be more critical for this type of panel.


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