How Solar Cells Work

In recent years, small devices, such as the calculator and the kitchen timer that previously ran on batteries, have been transformed. Instead of relying on external power sources, they can now function on natural energy from the sun. As long as enough light is present, these devices can potentially work forever. Larger solar panels, more […]

How Do You Measure Solar?

Solar energy comes from the Sun, the medium-sized star in the center of our planetary system. It fuels all the life processes on our planet. Essentially, all forms of natural power come from the sun. Plants soak up solar energy through photosynthesis and the Earth’s energy cycle begins. Capturing and manipulating solar power is a […]

Go Of The Grid

People today can live in comfort, do everything with incredible speed, and enjoy entertainment that would have seemed impossible generations ago. However, the energy needs of modern life have resulted in dependence on natural oil, gasoline, and coal. As a result, most households are tied to the grid – the system through which power is […]

Photovoltaic: What Is It?

If you’ve been considering solar power, you may have heard the term Photovoltaic thrown around. But what exactly is Photovoltaic? Photovoltaic is the method of generating electrical power by converting solar. Photovoltaic (PV) devices produce electricity from sunlight through a unique electronic process which naturally occurs in certain kinds of material known as semiconductors. Electrons […]

DwellTek Encourages Residents to Support Tax-Free Utah Rooftop Solar

Utah residents who are committed to using solar energy not only as a way to dramatically decrease fossil fuel pollution into the environment but also help to decrease their monthly energy expenditures should be aware of a recent proposal to tax rooftop solar power in Utah. The state’s largest energy utility, Rocky Mountain Power, is […]

Who Can Benefit From Solar Panels?

Aside from the obvious environmental advantages of implementing solar power or solar panels into the private infrastructure of a business, there are actually monetary advantages for many industries. Even with the upfront cost of installing solar panel hardware, the return on investment is so great that it begs the question why certain businesses would take […]

Common Questions About Solar

While solar power has been used for over a decade, there are still many questions about this alternative power source. Here are some of the most common questions about solar. Q: How does solar power work? A: In a Photovoltaic system, light photons are absorbed into a solar cell. From here, they generate approximately .05 volts of […]