Who’s Leading in the Solar Game?

As the price of oil continues to take a large chunk of household budgets and the number of military conflicts threatens the supply, the advantages of solar energy become more apparent to a wider marketplace. Solar energy continues to gain footing in many developed countries around the world. The solar panel manufacturing industry continues to […]

How Solar Cells Work

In recent years, small devices, such as the calculator and the kitchen timer that previously ran on batteries, have been transformed. Instead of relying on external power sources, they can now function on natural energy from the sun. As long as enough light is present, these devices can potentially work forever. Larger solar panels, more […]

How Do You Measure Solar?

Solar energy comes from the Sun, the medium-sized star in the center of our planetary system. It fuels all the life processes on our planet. Essentially, all forms of natural power come from the sun. Plants soak up solar energy through photosynthesis and the Earth’s energy cycle begins. Capturing and manipulating solar power is a […]

Go Off The Grid

People today can live in comfort, do everything with incredible speed, and enjoy entertainment that would have seemed impossible generations ago. However, the energy needs of modern life have resulted in dependence on natural oil, gasoline, and coal. As a result, most households are tied to the grid – the system through which power is […]