Solar In The Summer

The more solar panels you see in Utah, the better. The Beehive State enjoys hundreds of sunshiny days every year, and it would be a shame to waste all that free energy. Once collected and distributed, solar power provides clean and efficient electricity to run homes and power offices. Residential and commercial structures throughout the […]

How Soon Will You Get Power?

Solar is one of today’s best, yet still underutilized, sources of power in the world. The sun, unlike electricity or oil, is an eternally free fuel source without a sign of burn out for billions of years. However, due to the higher start-up costs and a lack of education, solar is not a widely sought-after […]

Solar Power In The Dark

Many humans have been considering the installation of solar power to help defeat the rising costs of electricity. What always seems to be the first question that people looking for a solar installation is, “What happens on dark days?” The answer to that question must be explained in depth. When solar power is installed, it […]

The White House and Solar Power

Even the White House is on the forefront of the solar power movement. President Obama is currently in the process of fulfilling his 2010 promise to return solar panels to the roof of the White House. Throughout the past thirty-five years, there has been a presidential tug-of-war regarding the panels, and Obama is apparently planning […]