What kind of rebates are the federal government offering?

$1,500 + $2000 Home Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency. You can claim a home tax credit for energy efficiency improvements made in 2009 thru 2010 if you install new insulation, energy-efficient windows/doors or an energy-efficient furnace, boiler or air conditioner and some roofing materials.

The Federal tax credit covers up to 30% (expanded from 10% by the economic stimulus bill) of the cost of a range of projects that meet certain specifications. What this means is, if you do $5,000 worth of qualifying work, then you will get a $1,500 rebate on your Federal taxes as well as saving on energy bills for years to come. One important thing to keep in mind is that the tax credit does not cover labor, only equipment.

For qualified Utah solar energy systems, geothermal heat pumps and small wind turbines the Treasury Department provides a 30% tax credit based on system cost, including labor, with a carry-over provision through 2016. The state of Utah has a 25% tax credit based on the system. Incentives can be found at www.dsireusa.org.

What kind of energy efficient incentives are available in Utah?

Utah offers a state income tax credit for renewable energy systems. More information can be found at www.geology.utah.gov.

Does my utility company provide any rebates?

Rocky Mountain Power currently has a program for Utah solar energy power, and the incentive is $2/watt. There are limitations and you must sign up and be approved well in advance. The program will run thru 2011. It is very limited and we should all call and try to get them to expand the program to include more homes. For detailed information, call 866-344-9802.

They also provide rebates on new appliances and service work such as:
Clothes Washers, refrigerators, dishwashers, water heaters, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, A/C, windows, insulation, furnace tune-ups, duct sealing and insulation. For detailed information, call 800-942-0266.

*All Rocky Mountain Power incentives and programs are for Rocky Mountain Power customers only. Questar also offers rebates for appliances such as: Energy Star clothes washers and gas dryers, gas water heaters (including tank less), as well as high efficiency gas furnaces, boilers and solar assisted gas water heaters. They also provide rebates for energy efficient improvements such as windows, insulation and duct sealing/insulation. For detail information, call Questar Gas at 800-323-5517 or visit them online at www.thermwise.com.

*All Questar incentives and programs are for Questar customers only.