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Solar increases real cash profitability. What else do you really need to know?

office building solar panels

Operating cost reduction

Utility costs are kind of like rent and taxes. They come like clockwork and aren’t negotiable. Solar empowers you to reduce or even eliminate your monthly power bills. Put money in the utility company’s pocket or yours. The choice is up to you.

Solar economics have changed — and they are REALLY good!

calculate savings on solar panels

With equipment prices at an all-time low, tax credits and incentives at an all time high, and utility rates on the rise, solar is an outstanding financial investment for your business. Forget what you used to think about the economics of solar – it’s a whole new world.

What do your customers think?

Concern for our environment isn’t just for the hardcore “greenies” anymore. It’s mainstream and your customers care. How do you show them everyday that you share their values and that you are a better choice than your competitors? Solar is progressive, it’s forward thinking, and most importantly it is VISIBLE every time your customers pull into your parking lot.

Choose DwellTek today to see a decrease in your energy bill, and an increase in your business sales.