A sexy new solar system on your roof for no money down? You betcha!

Financing Solar Panels

Better than cash?

Because solar is the one home improvement that actually generates cash on a monthly basis, financing your new Utah solar panels system can sometimes be a smarter move than paying cash.

A Short, simple path to solar ownership

DwellTek exclusive 12-year, 2.99% solar loan program

  • Low 2.99% interest rate                                                                                                              
  • No money down                                                                                             
  • Low monthly payments
  • 100% financing available
  • No appraisal required
  • No pre-payment penalty

Example System Financing

DwellTek Flex LoanTraditional Solar Loan
Gross System Price$17,000$17,000
Fees & Closing Costs                     —-$750
Terms (yrs)12 yrs20 yrs
Deferred incentives payment$7,100N/A
Financed Amount$9,900$17,750
Monthly Payment$82$178
Monthly Energy Savings-$64 (yr one)-$64 (yr one)
Net Monthly Cost$18$114

Commercial Leasing Available

Solar may feel good, but for your business it’s gotta hit the bottom line. New solar-specific commercial leasing solutions are tailored to minimize capital outlay, lower your fixed operating costs, and reduce your year-end tax bill. We’re not just contractors, we’re finance guys too.  Call to learn more.