Solar Has A Return on Investment

Decreasing prices + increasing incentives = a great return on investment.

return on investment for solar panels

Just imagine…

Imagine how smart you’d feel today if you purchased 25 years worth of gasoline back when prices were $0.95 per gallon. Well, solar is kind of like that. When you install a  solar energy system on your roof whether you’re in Park City or Salt Lake, even St. George, you are pre-paying for 25 years of electricity at prices below today’s utility rates. So as energy prices continue to rise, you’ll be smiling all the way to the bank.

Beat the market!

People sometimes think about a solar in terms of how many years to pay back their initial investment. But that return on investment concept doesn’t account for inflation, incentives, financing, etc. The fact is, when you compare solar on an apples to apples basis, your return on investment can exceed putting that same money in the stock market – and arguably at much lower risk.

A dollar today…

Every smart investor knows that cash today is always better than cash tomorrow. With tax credits and other incentives, a large portion of your solar purchase pays back the very first year.